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If you have a pending DWI charge in Garland, you have much to worry about. In addition to the criminal charges against you, you must also schedule an Administrative License Revocation hearing within 15 days; otherwise, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) can suspend your license.

Hiring a DWI lawyer in Garland might help you avoid jail time, stiff fines, a suspended driver’s license, and a permanent criminal record.

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Do You Need an ALR Suspended License Lawyer?

Although you can attempt to navigate this complex legal proceeding on your own, having an attorney can provide numerous benefits. Your lawyer can protect your legal rights and put his knowledge and experience to work for you, ensuring the best possible outcome in your case.

These are just some of the ways an ALR suspended license lawyer from the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg can assist you:

  • Schedule Your ALR Hearing. Your lawyer will ensure there are no mistakes on the hearing request form, verify TxDPS received your request, and confirm that TxDPS schedules your hearing. Because TxDPS will not contact you until after it schedules your hearing, you might not know of any missteps until after the deadline is over. We will ensure everything is complete.
  • Represent You at the ALR Hearing. This is a legal proceeding similar to a court hearing, using the legal procedures and rules of evidence. Because the prosecution can use your testimony against you in court, you need an attorney to protect your interests.
  • Argue Against License Revocation. If you lose your driver’s license, you will be unable to get to work or school or handle many aspects of your life. Your lawyer will fight for you at the hearing, arguing against suspension. If the judge decides to uphold the suspension, we can work to get you a restricted driving permit that will allow you to get to work, medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Shore Up Your Criminal Case. The ALR hearing will provide us with important information about your criminal DWI case. We can leverage this information to potentially negotiate to have your drunk driving charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense or, if necessary, use this information during your trial.

What Is the Garland Administrative License Revocation Process?

At the time of a DWI traffic stop, the police will determine whether they have probable cause to test your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for possible DWI charges.

If you test above the legal limit or refuse BAC testing, they will seize your driver’s license then and there. This initiates the ALR process.

When the officer takes your license, you will receive a Notice of Suspension Temporary Driving Permit, known as Form DIC-25. You must schedule a formal ALR hearing within 15 days or TxDPS will suspend your license.

A Texas ALR suspended license hearing is crucial to the disposition of your driver’s license. Unfortunately, you may be so worried about the criminal aspect of your case that you neglect to handle it.

An ALR suspended license lawyer can help. Whether your ALR hearing is coming up or you already missed it, your attorney can fight to help you keep your license — or get it back.

How Does ALR Affect Your Garland DWI Charges?

DWI charges in Texas involve the criminal aspect of the charges and a separate, administrative process, the ALR hearing.

The criminal portion of your case goes through the Garland municipal court. Here, you will likely face arraignment, a preliminary hearing, and, if necessary, a criminal trial or appearances before a judge. The criminal component determines innocence or guilt and assesses punishment (sentencing).

The ALR process is administrative, to determine what happens to your driver’s license. TxDPS handles it, separately from your criminal case. ALR hearings take place at the Texas Office of Administrative Hearings. During this proceeding, we will argue against your license suspension.

The Notice of Suspension (presented by the officer during your arrest) serves as a temporary driving permit, but it is only valid for 40 days from the date the officer issues it to you. This document also serves as a conditional suspension of your driver’s license and, unless you schedule your formal ALR hearing within 15 days of your arrest, the conditional suspension converts to a revocation of your license.

How Can I Request an ALR Hearing?

You can schedule your hearing by mail, by fax, or by electronic form on the TxDPS website. TxDPS has 120 days to issue a response, which it sends by mail to your address of record (the one on your driver’s license).

If TxDPS did not receive your hearing request, or if it denied your hearing request, you will not know for as long as four months. If it schedules your hearing, it will notify you of the date and time in the same manner — by standard mail.

If TxDPS declines your hearing or if it does not receive your request, you will lose your legal right to fight your license suspension.

Will the ALR Hearing Affect My Garland DWI Case?

In addition to giving you an avenue to fight for your license, the ALR suspended license hearing can help your lawyer build a stronger case for you on the criminal side.

An administrative law judge oversees the ALR proceeding and hears evidence from both the prosecution and defense. The arresting officer typically testifies against you under oath, as does anyone else who has relevant evidence to present.

We will also have the opportunity to question the officer and other relevant witnesses, to learn more about the prosecution’s evidence against you. This is extremely helpful for your defense, letting your attorney discover potential weaknesses in their evidence.

And, with your attorney present, the prosecution will not be able to trick you into providing any testimony it can use against you at trial.

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