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A sex crime conviction in Grand Prairie can cost you thousands and lead to time behind bars. And that is not all. The social stigma can affect your career, your family life, and your standing in the community.

Prosecutors know this, and may try to use this argument to convince you to plead guilty to charges to avoid a more public trial. However, once you plead guilty, your crime will become part of your permanent — and public — criminal record. Before you make any decisions, talk to a prostitution and sex crime lawyer in Grand Prairie to ensure you understand the gravity of these decisions.

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Will I Face Jail Time for a Prostitution or Sex Crime Conviction?

Yes. In Texas, solicitation and prostitution charges typically carry a Class B misdemeanor charge, which includes up to six months in jail. However, a prior conviction or solicitation of a minor may lead to elevated charges.

More serious sex crimes charges, such as promoting prostitution, carry more serious charges — ranging between Class A misdemeanor and first-degree felony charges. The penalties for sex crimes charges can range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 in fines and six months to 99 years in jail.

How Will a Prostitution or Sex Crime Conviction Affect Your Future?

Once you complete your incarceration and pay your fines, fees, and court costs, you must register as a sex offender.

Even if you never had physical or sexual contact — or never exchanged any money — you must place yourself on the sexual offender registry in most cases.

Anyone will be able to search the database of registered Texas sex offenders maintained by the Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) and find your name there.

And, even though the Grand Prairie Police Department does not maintain a separate registry, its website links directly to the TxDPS database.

Your registry requirements will depend on the nature of your crime. However, the shortest duration of registry is ten years. Many types of prostitution and sex crime charges require a lifetime registration.

Sex Offender Registry: Level One: minimal threat to community, low risk of re-offending

Sex Offender Registry: Level Two: moderate threat to community, moderate risk of re-offending

Sex Offender Registry: Level Three: large threat to community, likely to re-offend.

Once you register as a sex offender, it will be difficult to find housing or employment. Landlords can legally decline your application. Employers also have ample leeway to deny you employment with a sex crime on your record.

What Can a Sex Crimes Attorney Do for My Case?

Unless you are prepared to deal with these consequences, you must fight the charges pending against you. Having a lawyer on your side will ensure the protection of your rights. Your lawyer will also understand how to challenge these charges and potentially obtain a more favorable outcome for you.

We can explore the evidence in your case to identify any potential mistakes the police may have made, or any other weaknesses that could provide a viable opportunity for your defense.

We use this information to challenge the prosecutor, and request a reduction or dismissal of your charges. However, if the prosecutor will not consider a deal, we may recommend taking your case to court.

What Constitutes a Sex Crime in Texas?

The following crimes are examples of sexual offenses in Texas:

Solicitation or Prostitution

Chapter 43 of the Texas Penal Code addresses both prostitution and solicitation, which is knowingly engaging in sexual conduct for a fee. You need not have exchanged any money or item of value for the police to arrest you. Likewise, you need not have engaged in physical contact to face charges for this sex crime.

Promoting Prostitution

Promoting prostitution offenses involve sharing in the proceeds of an act of prostitution.

Other Sex Crimes

The statutes provide for a variety of other sex crimes, including sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, disorderly conduct, public lewdness, indecent exposure, and child pornography.

The prosecutor has extensive leeway in choosing the charges he hopes to pursue. Having a lawyer on your side means you can have a clear understanding of your case as well as what each of your potential options will mean for your life.

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