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Intoxication manslaughter is a very serious offense. If you were arrested or are facing charges of intoxication manslaughter in Irving, TX, you want a criminal defense team on your side. At the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg, an intoxication manslaughter lawyer in Irving, TX can investigate your case and develop a defense strategy to fight for a more favorable outcome.

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Intoxication Manslaughter Is a Serious Charge

Under Texas law, intoxication manslaughter occurs when a driver who is drunk or drugged causes an accident and another person in the accident dies from the resulting injuries. Intoxication manslaughter may occur in a single-car accident if a passenger dies. 

You may also face intoxication manslaughter charges in combination with other charges, often intoxication assault. This occurs when one victim passes away, but another survives with serious injuries or lasting impairments.

To get a conviction in an Irving intoxication manslaughter case, prosecutors must prove several things. This includes:

  • You were driving the car at the time of the accident; and
  • You were intoxicated; and
  • You caused the accident; and
  • Another person died as a result

If the prosecutors can prove their case against you, you could face serious consequences. Texas courts take this crime very seriously. Possible penalties associated with this second-degree felony include:

  • 2 to 20 years in state prison
  • A fine of up to $10,000
  • A driver’s license suspension of up to 2 years
  • Up to 1,000 hours of community service
  • Mandatory enrollment in an alcohol or drug education course

It is important to note that the punishments if you face multiple counts of intoxication manslaughter, or both intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault convictions, may be stacked. This means you may need to serve them consecutively resulting in spending an extended time behind bars.

The Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg Can Help People Accused of Intoxication Manslaughter in Irving, TX

Dallas area criminal defense attorney Randy Isenberg has more than 30 years of experience working in and with local courts. He previously served as a Senior Chief Felony Prosecutor and State District Trial Judge, and now he and the team from the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg provide aggressive legal representation to those facing DWI, intoxication assault, intoxication manslaughter, and other charges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Because of his experience, Randall knows how the criminal justice system works. Randall knows how the prosecutors will try to build a case against you and what it takes to get a more favorable result on your behalf. Our goal when taking on any intoxication manslaughter case is to clear our client’s name or get the charges against them reduced.

If we must take your case to trial, we may be able to call into question one of several factors:

  • Were you operating the car?
  • Were you intoxicated?
  • Did you cause the accident?
  • Did the other person pass away as a result of their accident injuries?

If we take your case to trial and can raise a reasonable doubt about any of these questions, the members of the jury will not be able to hand down a guilty verdict. If we build a strong enough argument, we may be able to reduce the charges against you to intoxication assault or even a DWI misdemeanor or to get the charges dropped entirely.

Get started on building a solid defense today by talking to a member of the intoxication manslaughter team at the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg. Dial 214-696-9253 to reach a member of our team about your case today.

We Know the Most Common Defense Strategies to Beat Intoxication Manslaughter Charges

Texas is very serious about how they prosecute and punish DWI and drunk driving related offenses, especially when someone else suffered injuries or passed away. If you face an accusation of intoxication manslaughter, you need a strong defense strategy to fight for a favorable outcome in your case.

When our team takes on your Irving intoxication manslaughter case, we will investigate your accident, analyzing the evidence, and developing a defense strategy based on what we find. These strategies could include:

  • Refuting the evidence,
  • Entering into pretrial pleadings, or
  • Negotiating your charges or sentence on your behalf.

We may also be able to develop a strong argument for reducing or dropping the charges against you, or getting evidence thrown out in your case. This result may occur if we uncover:

  • Illegally obtained evidence, such as during an illegal search and seizure
  • Issues with the procedure for taking or testing blood/breath samples
  • Questions about the causation of the accident
  • Issues with the traffic stop and police investigation

At the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg, we will aggressively pursue a more favorable outcome in your intoxication manslaughter case in Irving. You do not have to accept these accusations. You can fight back to try to reduce the charges against you or prove you did not cause the death of the victim. Call us at 214-696-9253 today to get started by discussing your case with a member of our team.

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If you stand accused of driving while intoxicated and causing someone else’s death in Irving, Dallas-Fort Worth, or anywhere in the surrounding area, you do not have to try to fight these serious allegations on your own. Reach out to criminal defense attorney Randall Isenberg and the team from the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg for help with your intoxication manslaughter case.

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