Criminal Defense Lawyer in Frisco

When facing any criminal charges in Frisco, you face hefty fines and the potential for jail or prison time upon conviction. You will also have a permanent criminal record that is available for public access, potentially affecting your ability to move on with your life.

A criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg can assist you during this daunting time. After being involved in the Texas criminal justice system for more than 35 years, Attorney Randy Isenberg has a unique perspective and a depth of insight that lets us get the job done for you.

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The Importance of Having a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Frisco

Upon conviction for a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense in Frisco, you will pay substantial fines and potentially face jail or prison time. The court may impose probation, community service, and a variety of other penalties. You will also have a permanent criminal record, which can interfere with your ability to obtain employment, rent a home, get into a good school, get a student loan, or hold professional licensure.

At the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg, we specialize in criminal defense. Some of our areas of specialization include:

  • General Criminal Defense
  • DWI
  • DWI Involving an Accident, Wreck, or Injury
  • Under 21 DUI & DWI
  • Commercial DWI
  • Felony DWI
  • Intoxication Assault
  • Intoxication Manslaughter
  • Breath & Blood Test Defense
  • DMV Suspended License Hearings
  • Expunction & Non-Disclosure
  • Drug Possession
  • Domestic & Family Violence
  • Probation Violations
  • Weapons Offenses
  • Prostitution & Sex Crimes
  • Assault
  • Murder

The Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg assists clients with all types of criminal matters in Frisco and throughout Texas. Even if you do not see your offense listed above, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Why Work With a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Frisco

Facing a criminal charge alone is daunting and potentially risky. The police and prosecutors do not always have your best interest in mind and will push hard to get a conviction and make an example of you in the community.

When you have the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg on your side, you can rest assured that we do have your best interest in mind. We ensure you understand the charges you face and help you explore your options so that you can make an informed decision about your future.

Our services to you include the following:

Investigating & Documenting Your Case

Sometimes, in their rush to make an arrest, the police overlook important details. These details may be the key to your criminal defense. We dedicate our network of investigators and other resources to your case, obtaining evidence and information that can shed new light on your defense.

Negotiating to Get Your Charges Reduced or Dismissed

The best possible outcome in your case – and the one we always aim for – is getting your charges dismissed or reduced. We use any errors or problems we discover during our investigation to support our negotiations with the prosecutor. This provides leverage that, for many clients, leads to a preferable outcome.

Providing Aggressive Legal Representation

We represent you for every aspect of your case and handle all communication on your behalf. If necessary, we will prepare your case for trial and defend you in court. The prosecutor must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. At the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg, we specialize in building criminal defense cases that introduce reasonable doubt to the judge and jury.

Without a criminal defense lawyer on your side, you leave the fate of your future to chance. Talk to the legal team at the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg to learn more about how we can help you leave nothing to chance.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney as Early as Possible

Contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible, even if the prosecutor has not filed charges in your case. If our legal team can get to work immediately, we can often persuade the prosecutor to forego charges or to file less serious charges.

Our legal team can identify, document, and preserve critical evidence in your case only if you allow one of our criminal defense attorneys to start on your case right now. Over time, witness memories fade and evidence become lost. The sooner we can get to work on your behalf, the better our chances of building a robust and persuasive case for your defense.

The Criminal Defense Lawyers You Can Count On

Attorney Randall Isenberg is a former district court judge and chief felony prosecutor. His background provides unique and invaluable insight as to how prosecutors build their cases and the inner workings of the criminal justice system. We put that depth of knowledge and experience to work for you.

Attorney Isenberg carries certifications and recognition that include:

As you can see, the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg truly does specialize in criminal defense in Frisco. Call today for your free consultation and let us show you how we can help with your case.

Call for Your Free Criminal Defense Legal Consultation

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Whatever charges you face, we can help. Before you provide any statements to police or agree to any deal offered by the prosecution, talk to a Frisco criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg.

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