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Violating Probation in Texas
If you violate probation for the first time in Texas, you can find yourself back... View Article
GENERAL 04-18-2019
What Happens If You Violate Probation By Getting a DWI in Texas?
If you violate your probation by getting a DWI in Texas, you could face a... View Article
GENERAL 02-28-2019
How Long Does A DWI Stay On Your Record In Texas?
A DWI stays on your record permanently in Texas unless you are able to get... View Article
GENERAL 02-5-2019
What Happens If You Violate Probation For A DWI?
Probation offers an offender a chance to avoid jail time, which is up to 180... View Article
GENERAL 01-14-2019
How Do You Find Any Outstanding Dallas County Criminal Warrants For Your Arrest?
You find any outstanding Dallas County criminal warrants for your arrest by calling the Sheriff’s... View Article
GENERAL 01-14-2019
Can You Get Fired for Going to Jail in Texas?
Like many states, in Texas, employees work at will. Therefore, if you were fired for... View Article
GENERAL 01-14-2019
How Do Dallas’ Marijuana Laws Affect DWI Cases?
While several states adopted laws legalizing medical and recreational marijuana use, Texas’ laws remain strict... View Article
GENERAL 12-28-2018
What Triggers the Cancellation of a Driver’s License in Texas?
Getting your driver’s license revoked or suspended can impact your job, reduce your savings, how... View Article
GENERAL 12-28-2018
What Happens During an Arraignment in Texas
The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants every person the right to hear the... View Article
GENERAL 12-28-2018
Can a Permanent Resident Be Deported for a Misdemeanor in Texas?
A permanent resident can be deported for a misdemeanor in Texas in some instances. Deportation... View Article
GENERAL 12-28-2018
What Is The Zero Tolerance Law In Texas?
In Texas, the “Zero Tolerance Law” refers to the state’s stance on minors and alcohol... View Article
GENERAL 12-17-2018
What’s the DWI Dismissal Rate in Texas?
The actual DWI dismissal rate in Texas is difficult to determine. The data does indicate... View Article
GENERAL 12-17-2018
Can You Lose Your Job In Texas If You Get A DWI?
In Texas, your employer has the legal right to fire you for a DWI conviction... View Article
GENERAL 12-17-2018
Can You Get Deported for a DUI in Texas?
If you are a legal immigrant living in Texas, a drunk driving conviction could potentially... View Article
GENERAL 12-17-2018
A Lawyer’s Advice For Getting A Job With A DWI On Your Record
Having a DWI on your record can interfere with your ability to get a job.... View Article
GENERAL 12-17-2018
What is the Penalty for Vehicular Manslaughter While Drunk in Texas?
The penalty for vehicular manslaughter while drunk is: Jail time Fines License suspension How Much... View Article
GENERAL 07-2-2018
Can You Get a DWI on Prescription Drugs in Texas?
Yes. You can get a DWI on prescription drugs in Texas. Is It Illegal to... View Article
GENERAL 07-2-2018
Will a DWI Affect Scholarships in Texas?
A DWI can affect scholarships in Texas. How Can a Texas DWI Affect My Scholarships?... View Article
GENERAL 07-2-2018
How Long Is the Jail Sentence for Drunk Driving in Texas?
The jail sentence for drunk driving in Texas can last anywhere from three days to... View Article
GENERAL 07-2-2018
How Long Do You Lose Your License After a DWI in Texas?
How long you lose your license after a DWI in Texas depends on several factors,... View Article
GENERAL 07-2-2018
How Do I Win a DMV Hearing in Texas?
To win a DMV hearing in Texas and avoid a driver’s license suspension, you must... View Article
GENERAL 07-2-2018
Can I Appeal a DWI in Texas?
Yes, you can appeal a DWI in Texas. When Can You Appeal a DWI Conviction... View Article
GENERAL 07-2-2018
What’s the Difference Between Drunk and Impaired Driving in Texas?
The difference between drunk and impaired driving in Texas is, in essence, the amount of... View Article
GENERAL 06-25-2018
How Does Texas Penalize DWIs?
Texas penalizes DWIs with potential jail or prison sentences, large monetary fines, and driver’s license... View Article
GENERAL 06-25-2018
How Do I Get a DWI Reduced in Texas?
To get a DWI reduced in Texas, you or your DWI lawyer must negotiate with... View Article
GENERAL 06-25-2018
Can You Refuse a Breathalyzer or Blood Test in Texas?
You can refuse a breathalyzer or blood test in Texas, although you may face penalties... View Article
GENERAL 06-25-2018

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