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As a proud “tough on crime” state, Texas imposes harsh penalties on those convicted of criminal offenses, whether serious or minor. Even if it is your first time running afoul of the law, you could go to jail, pay a fine, or get sentenced to probation or community service. You could also end up with a criminal record that haunts you for years to come.

The Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg is an Arlington criminal defense firm that fights aggressively for the rights of the accused. Our passionate legal team, led by former prosecutor and district judge Randall Isenberg, believes in the presumption of innocence, and our goal is to make sure you move past this issue and get on with your life.

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Our Practice Areas in Arlington, TX

If you are facing criminal charges in Arlington, TX, attorney Randall Isenberg and his team are eager to fight for you and clear your name. Call us for a free case evaluation if you have been charged with:


Texas is one of the toughest states in the country when it comes to driving while intoxicated. Unlike many other places, the state does not make it easy for first-offenders to get out of a conviction. Even if your criminal history is clean, you could get sentenced to jail time and fines, and lose your driver’s license.

Attorney Randall Isenberg has spent decades working on all sides of Texas DWI cases — as a defense attorney, a prosecutor, and a district judge. Based on the circumstances of your case, he knows when it is best to go to trial and fight for a conviction, and when the right move is to approach the prosecutor and work out a plea deal.

Having worked for years on the other side himself, Randall Isenberg understands the negotiation tactics that are most effective with prosecutors.

Drug Possession and Drug Crimes

When it comes to drugs, Texas is not a permissive state. Recreational marijuana is still illegal, and people convicted of possession — even a first-offender found with a small quantity — often go to jail. If you have been charged with selling drugs or intending to sell them, you face the possibility of a felony conviction, which carries many years in prison.

The Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg can help you if you have been charged with possessing or selling:

  • Marijuana or hashish
  • Crack or powder cocaine
  • Heroin or opioids
  • Meth or other “speed” drugs
  • LSD or Phycobilin
  • MDMA/Ecstasy
  • Prescription drugs

Murder and Assault

Violent crimes such as murder and assault are where Texas earns its “no mercy toward criminals” reputation. People convicted of violent felonies in Texas face decades in prison and even the death penalty.

Randall Isenberg and his team can help you avoid a conviction for a violent crime such as murder or assault or, at minimum, escape the harshest punishments that usually follow a guilty verdict.

Weapons Offenses

Texas is big on gun rights but highly punitive toward those who carry guns illegally or commit other crimes with weapons. For instance, if you have a felony conviction and get caught carrying a firearm, you could face many years in jail. A criminal defense lawyer in Arlington can aggressively defend you against weapons offenses in Texas.

Family Violence

Texas defines family or domestic violence as a violent act involving a current member of your household or someone with whom you have had a familial or romantic relationship. A conviction for a family or domestic violence crime in Texas may carry jail time, fines, and the permanent stigma of being known as an abuser.

If you are facing family violence charges, it is important to have the right criminal defense team on your side. Randall Isenberg will fight to clear your name.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes in Texas range from prostitution and solicitation to violent acts such as rape and sexual assault of a child. Even the most minor sex crimes — offenses such as public nudity or voyeurism — carry the possibility of jail time in Texas. If you are facing charges of a violent sex offense, you risk a felony conviction and decades in prison.

Worst of all, Texas requires those convicted of all levels of sex crimes to register as sex offenders. Once you are on this list, the personal, professional, and social consequences are profound. Anyone can look you up and read about the sordid details of your alleged crime, and people on the registry often complain about their pariah status in social and professional circles.

Probation Violation

If you get caught violating your probation in Texas — either by not fulfilling the terms of your probation or by getting arrested for a subsequent offense — you face two substantial consequences. First, you could get your probation revoked and sentenced to jail (possibly for the maximum time) for your initial conviction. Second, you may receive additional jail time for the probation violation itself.

Attorney Randall Isenberg Fights for the Rights of the Accused

Why choose attorney Randall Isenberg and his team of professionals at the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg? Simply put, our team goes above and beyond a traditional law firm in fighting for your rights as an accused person and helping you put your current charges behind you.

When you work with Randall Isenberg and his team, you receive:

  • A free, no-risk consultation and case evaluation;
  • Representation by a former prosecutor and district judge who has spent more than 30 years in the Texas court system;
  • A friendly, dedicated support staff that is always available and eager to help.

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